About us


At Barkly we understand that dogs are not just a pet but part of the family. 

We know you want to make sure the food your dog eats is safe and free from harmful toxins, but packed with the best ingredients.

So at Barkly, we only use human-grade, premium quality ingredients. No chemicals, fillers, preservatives or additives are used in our natural dog treats. That's guaranteed.

All treats are carefully handcrafted in our own kitchen. Nothing is outsourced. This gives us unparalleled control over quality, starting from where we buy our ingredients from, to the moment the finished products leave our warehouse.

So if you want your dog to be the healthiest it can be then Barkly Natural Treats is the perfect choice!





Why Natural Dog Treats?


Reduce Ailments and Allergies: Moving to natural foods will bring your pet's allergies to an end. It's free of chemical additives, toxic pesticides and artificial components which may be the cause of your pet's discomfort. Natural ingredients aid your pet's immune system to battle all kinds of infections.

Longer Life Expectancy: Natural foods increase life expectancy and quality of life. It promotes interior/exterior health and weigh management and helps to boost the immune system.

Healthier Lifestyle: Natural foods have higher levels of nutrition. It keeps your pets healthy internally and externally ensuring a healthier lifestyle.

Fewer Digestive Disorders: High source of grains and proteins make natural pet more digestible. Their bowel movements are predicable with firm and less stinky stools.

Higher Levels of Energy: Natural foods provides your pet with all the fuel they need for being active and staying physical because they contain larger amounts of nutrients-dense calories.

Healthy Weigh: Help your pet stay at a healthy weigh. A chubby pup may look adorable, however being overweight increases your pet's odds of sickness. Natural foods helps to avoid obesity.